Solid Wood & Composite Decking: Everything You Need To Know

With summer looming, it is believed hastily to the development of garden. For maximum benefit, it leaves nothing to chance, choosing plants for the installation of outdoor furniture, not to mention the terrace which will act as summer lounge. Among the models terraces trends, we have the wooden deck. Easy to install, wood blades are an aesthetic and sustainable alternative. Discover everything you need to know about the natural Solid wood wooden deck and wood composite deck to do your choice.

Select the Wooden decking Model:

Solid Wood Decking

Warm, natural and timeless, wood is frequently used for the construction of a terrace material. Usually in the form of blades, the deck can be personalized according to the direction and width of the selected slides, especially if you opt for walkways type of tiles that create a floor movement. We also like the deck for the fact that it does not burn your feet in summer.

To choose your wood deck, you should know that there are several models, mainly the wooden blades terrace and slatted terrace. If you engage in major work does not scare you, get started on the construction of a wooden blade terrace. If you prefer simplicity, know that it is very easy to install walkways. You simply the place to the ground , aligned and tight, without any tools. This option is ideal for small handymen or tenants because very quick to remove the grating arise and remove easily.

The gratings are also very suitable for small surfaces. Namely, that the wooden strips or gratings change the height of your space to relax outdoors. With these facilities, the terrace will be raised since the wooden strips about 5 cm in height, while the gratings are a little lower.

Solid Wood Decking & Composite Wood Decking, How to choose?Composite Wood Decking

Composite decking has many advantages. This reconstituted wood material is a wood and PVC sawdust mixture. Overlooking feel of real wood, composite wood creates a harmonious decoration because all the blades are the same color. The solid wooden decking is designed in pine, resistant wood that suits all budgets. For a natural wood deck, exotic wood is also used for its aesthetics, but it has a flaw: its tarnished color over time at least to maintain it regularly. Whether it is a wood composite deck or a natural wood deck, installation is the same. Each type of wood has its advantage and disadvantage. A natural wood deck is cheaper than wood composite deck.

Maintain Your Wood Decking

If you lack time to maintain your wooden deck, prefer wood composite deck to the natural wooden deck. Composite blades do not crack and require no maintenance. They also resist moisture and do not develop splinters.When choosing the deck, we must pay special attention to the thickness of the blade. More Blade wood is thin and wide, most likely it to bend and deform. Therefore, we prefer quality wood blades, more expensive, but more durable.

Choosing the Right Blade For a Solid Wood Decking

Natural Wood Decking

Now that you have decided to opt for a natural wood deck discover how to select the blades to a floor full of style terrace. The thickness of the blade, his essence, his rendering. Ultimately to make the right choice. Namely, a natural wood blade cheap is often finer, and thus create a raised terrace under a natural wood blade “high end.”

The most expensive wood remains exotic wood, more “luxurious” and refined. The exotic wood requires a lot of maintenance to avoid becoming gray. Budget, orient yourself more toward softwood like pine blades, rot. All wood require special maintenance, once per year, well last time. Wood exotic costs about twice as much per square meter a resinous wood deck. This cost must be considered an advantage since it takes much longer to maintain good condition.

Choosing the Right Blades For Composite Wood Decking

Composite Wooden Decking

 If you lean more towards choosing the composite deck wood, be aware that the composite wood boards contain tinted plastic resins in the mass. Very similar in appearance than those of natural wood, composite wood slats create the illusion with a big advantage: the wood composite deck will never let you slide. Very aesthetic, composite wood patina over time for a garden decoration always elegant. For a more original wooden deck, be aware that there are also composite wood strips of bamboo or rice husk. Even more affordable, these wooden slats still have some limitations because they do not resist time and quickly reveal some flaws such as discoloration or irregularities.

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