How To Select Wood For Decking

Choosing the right wood is one of the crucial steps in installing wooden decking for terraces and villas. The coating of your patio is finishing it. The tiles (grating) or decking you choose are the mistress parts of the wooden terrace. The choice of wood species is a decisive choice for the final rendering of your deck.

Once you’ve made the necessary administrative and you have defined the layout plan, you must choose your wood coating. Only all species are not equal to the terrace in some pose is not advised yet you can see on the market. For others, there are key points to check as drying or the composition of composite wood. To allow you to better select and better understand the differences between the various species we wrote an article for each of them.

Trend, noble and durable, the wooden deck is the new star of your balconies and gardens. If you have fallen for its natural look, many questions may emerge before moving to the purchase and installation of your deck. Slabs or bars? Natural wood or composite? What type of wood, what kind of installation?

The terrace only sees the wood. In the wake of a more healthy and ecological habitat, wood has become one of the most successful materials for decks. Why so successful wooden decks? If the first big reason seems related to the warmth and beauty of wood. The ease of installation of the wooden deck, the many possibilities of shapes that it offers and its low maintenance are all benefits that can convince install a wood deck. But before you take the plunge, it should be decided on two or three things.

Decking: What kind of wood?

Choosing the right type of wood for your patio is the first decisions to make. Your choice will be oriented according to three elements: budget your wooden deck, its aesthetic appearance and function of climate resistance requirements. For smaller budgets, let’s next exotic woods to focus on durable but straightforward woods like spruce and pine, deemed more economical. The color of your wood deck can also be a feature to consider in your choice of wood species.

There are many colors available. There is wood, no more than it will be possible to have several color rendering for the same essence with the saturation process. Regarding the strength of the wooden deck, consider choosing a suitable or treated gasoline to match the climate in your area. Autoclave treatment classified from 1 to 4, used to make your wooden decking rot and resistant to weather whims.

Natural Wood Or Composite Wood?

For lovers of decks that would set aside maintenance obligations the wood composite deck is an option not to deviate. Unlike a solid wooden deck, the wood composite deck is manufactured from wood particles mixed with a resin. A composition that allows it greater resistance in time and virtually zero maintenance for a very close look of natural wood.

However, be careful in choosing your blades, rendering wood composite blades called “first generation” may be coarser than the latest generation of blades. On the negative side, the composite wood has a high heat conductivity. A small problem that can make you prefer natural wood for warm regions or pool edges. Finally, the budget for some products can be high, close to exotic woods.

Strips Or Tiles?

For the installation of your wood deck, once the type of wood chosen, you will opt to choose either of the blades either slabs or decking. The wooden slats are long boards, similar to the floorboards and settling on the joists of the deck. These will therefore be used if your wooden deck does not need to be built, but directly installed. The tiles are ideal to cover an existing deck, however, they are not available in all species. The blades are so wooden coating solution more available for building your deck.

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