Know Top 10 Latest Trends of Wood Flooring

The wood has a charming aspect, natural and warm. It is therefore not surprising that the Wood Flooring is so popular in the most divergent styles inside. What are the latest trends in wood flooring ?

1. The Elegant Black is Always Successful:

Black Wood Flooring

A black floor has a luxurious look. Black wood flooring will offer the perfect contrast if you want an interior with pale furniture and white walls. The use of dark wood floors means that the lighter tones will be better reflected in the piece and seem more pleasant. But as the flooring itself is beautiful. Dark floors are a real eye catcher and give boldness to your home.
One of the most popular black floors , a hardwood oak flooring that has been blackened by heat treatment. This means there will always be black, even if you want to restore it later.

2. Hot Brown Brings You The Sun:

Hot Brown Wood Flooring

In Singapore, hectic and rainy, the need for South relaxation is sometimes very strong. That may be why the semi-solid flooring in warm brown colors are in high demand.

A dark brown wood flooring, color of the earth, clearly emphasizes the connection with nature and gives your home a slightly exotic look that can inspire a variety of interior styles. Combined with a dark, robust furniture and light walls, dark brown soil refers to tropical environments of the colonial style.

Do you prefer a more rustic? Then this dark wooden floors add contrast to your home.

3.The Geometric Shape of Wooden Tiles:

Hungary Style Wood Flooring

After the tiles imitating wood, there are now also has hardwood floors with tile appearance. And they are absolutely fabulous! In recent years, designers have made good use of geometric shapes in the design of wallpaper. The trend will continue and geometry will be a graphic design element to the floor.

The diamond-shaped wooden tiles to create a striking and contemporary look that becomes sublime when combined with a minimalist interior or in houses in Scandinavian appearance.

4. Poles of Hungary ruptured & Tips:

Looks like the floor to the former, as the rafters and the Hungarian tip, have been completely reinvented. These older models, which originally you will find mainly in expensive hotels, really become the hottest style of the moment.

These delivery systems fit perfectly with the modern interior and make it elegant and timeless. The desultory floors are parquet laid in a pattern similar to that of a fishbone.

5. Versailles Revisited:

Revisited Wood Flooring

The panels are also Versailles tiles and wood flooring dating back to the classic glory time for the French Versailles. Yet, anno 2017, giving a contemporary look at modern home a unique and very ad hoc style.

A square slab of wood Versailles consists of a wooden frame, with lamellae and rhombic elements form a complex pattern. The battens are, so to speak, intertwined.

6.Very Narrow Or Extra Wide

Extra Wide Wood Flooring

Would you dare to opt for a hyper modern look? While the look of narrow strips of wood may be the trend that you love. Architects and interior designers are invariably won for this type of wooden floor.

But the other extreme is equally impressive: extremely long and wide planks look fantastic in large imposing areas. Before, very wide or long boards were impossible because the parquet in large size is difficult to keep stable.

7. White & Gray: The Look Of Scandinavian Design:

Scandinavian Design Wood Flooring

The pale white floors in all variants, beige and gray were fashionable a few years now. This development is almost parallel to the continuous and prosperous interest for Scandinavian interiors. Their stylish design, warm colors and natural materials give your home a modern look without feeling cold, and this idea is apparently very popular.

Wood is one of the natural materials they have in abundance in the north and they love to use. Therefore, the wooden floor is typical of Scandinavian style. The finish is often made with a natural oil or varnish so that the pale color of the wood is preserved.

Professionalengineers has a nice assortment of light-colored soils in sustainable oak that honor with clean lines and minimalist architecture of Scandinavian design.
More interior design advice on the floor in addition to the Scandinavian style

8. The Subtle Color of Freshly Sawn Oak:

Sawn Oak Wood Flooring

For the moment, no further finishing Professionalengineers not better that the Riesling , the perfect combination of subtle and sublime.

What makes this subtle flooring is its beautiful color, with beautiful light shades of freshly sawn oak. Sublime this parquet gets through its protective wear layer matte varnish that guarantees ease of maintenance.

9.Character is A Keyword:

Latest Trends of Wood Flooring

For this trend must floors with extra usability, comfort and a more rough, more authentic. The floors aged high character are very popular. When it comes to flooring, antique is ultra modern!

Is this the trend that you love? So, especially for you, Professionalengineers developed the BARN collection : split oak parquet with their distinctive rough appearance that make your home warm and cozy. Give your home a sense of history and make it a love nest.

10.Walnut, For Those Who Want Something Different:

Walnut Floors

These days, a prosecutor can get noticed and attract attention. With its expressive grain designs and beautiful color variations walnut floors are just that. The color is a deep chocolate brown which is generally very popular with buyers today and fills your home with an elegant atmosphere.

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