How To Care Bamboo Furniture For Long Lasting – Best Tips

Bamboo furniture are a very decorative and recommended, especially in spaces outside option. Although they are a great option for decorating the garden, to keep them as the first day we perform frequent maintenance. Because of their fragility, bamboo should be pampered daily to maintain its original state. Frequent cleaning, accompanied by special care occasionally can preserve the beautiful look of wood. The maintenance of bamboo furniture requires no more than the use of products that are easy to get, plus some utensils.

First you should get some ammonia, crystalline salt, soapy water, linseed oil and paraffin. Bamboo attracts insect pests, so should keep the wood clean of any unwanted invasion. Essential oils are the most desirable to eliminate such pests. It can resort to geranium essential oil, lavender oil, and citronella essential oil.Bamboo-furnitures

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Maintenance Bamboo Furniture

For that bamboo does not spoil over time, we must keep daily. In order to protect furniture bamboo dust , you take the habit of passing a cloth or vacuum at least once a week. Then comes the quarterly or bimonthly maintenance, during which must be cleaned more seriously.

For bamboo furniture unvarnished , crystalline salt and soapy water are sufficient. Begin by mixing the two products and a brush thoroughly clean the cabinet. Then allowed to dry, rinse well after the cabinet with cold salt water and have passed a cloth to complete the task.

For furniture coated bamboo , must pour some drops of ammonia in hot, soapy water, clean furniture with the mixture. It is rinsed with water and allowed to dry. Then, to feed the wood well, it applies some linseed oil.

Maintenance of Furniture Bamboo Creak

The chirp bamboo furniture comes from dry vegetable fibers. To fix this , the trick is to put the furniture under water for several minutes. If the state of the furniture is not serious, this method is sufficient to eliminate the squeak. Having located the latter, apply petroleum jelly or paraffin. These products are effective to provide fluidity to the wood.

Finally, there are other tricks for bamboo furniture screeching stop. At least once a month, you must nourish and cleanse wood turpentine, linseed oil and hot water. And finally rinsed thoroughly with cold water.

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