Window Locks & Restrictors To Keep Your Kids Safe from Accidental Falls

window locks & restrictors

Home is where children grow, learn and find comfort, love, and care. Is where they can see, touch and explore the world around them so that their minds and bodies develop properly. It is also where you need to feel safe.

Children are curious and restless these little people with their vulnerability are most prone to accidents. The good news is that parents can take proper precautions to spare any harm to those beings who are the most precious in this world.

What can we do to avoid risks? The best prevention is to put into action a plan home security covering most frequent risks.

Ensure Windows and Doors Closed

Accidental falls are one of the most common causes of injuries in children, and taking some simple precautions can help avoid a serious problem. The severity of the injury often depends on the distance of the fall, so we must be aware of the dangers of heights. Never let your child sit on the bed or unattended on a counter. Keep stairs clean and free of obstacles that could cause the child to slip and fall hallways. Install safety gates to block the child’s access to a ladder.

window locks & restrictors

To avoid accidents, we recommend keeping windows closed. A small child can pass through an open window. Do not store or put anything on the floor on what the child could climb near a window.

Child Safety Precautions in Windows

The arrival of a new member to the family represents one of the greatest joys that human beings get in your life. Topped all smiles, games … and it’s time they start to discover their environment and everything! When babies start to crawl, it is essential to make a number of home safety modifications to concern us not generate any disgust cover corners of tables, closing drawers, protecting outlets, stairs.

Walking with a thousand eyes is an arduous task itself a superhero!

Today we will give you a few tips to protect that “out to the world” that seems so interesting to a restless and curious child: the window.

1. Insurance windows

There are many blockers window elements, whether key lock, as we incorporate in our Window Locks & Restrictors. These window restrictors provide the function of blocking intruders or opening restrictors. These limiters prevent the opening of the window to which previously have been disposed, whether windows horizontally, vertically or tilt opening.
With these systems we prevent children from opening windows on their own.
Here we can see some examples.

2. Safety Netting or Grilles

You can cover windows, terraces, balconies and are very useful for when the window must remain open, without blocking visibility and light penetration.

The materials for the meshes may be from classic of polyethylene.

Another option is placing bars on the outside of the window, whose function helps unwanted entry of outsiders to our home. There are also limiting the opening bars of the window and are very useful to protect the child out abroad.

3. Installation of Safety Glass Window Locks & Restrictors in Your New Windows

Glass windows is a key part in the security of the same, both for external agents to avoid mishaps with ours. Glasses, generally, are more fragile items may break upon impact, either drop an object or an unwanted blow.
The problem is when a glass breakage that can produce cuts occurs. There are now a variety of safety glass to minimize the effect of a break:

 window locks & restrictors

4. Beware Furniture Near Windows

Do not forget that for children, everything around you is a game! At an early age, the first moves are made of gateo, processing of building structures and climbing. If we add a window to reach, the game can be a fantastic entertainment for overcoming them.
Our task here will be to pay special attention and remove windows and their surroundings, elements that can facilitate that purpose: chairs, sofas, tables, attics. Everything that can serve to reach its summit: our window.

These 4 tips are critical to avoid problems with children and the windows of our house. But also do not forget to apply a series of routines that can help you, such as: leave the blinds down with slightly less space, pay close attention to air currents taking care of slamming doors through door stops, or out to the smallest places that are dangerous for him.

Most importantly, never leave our children without adult supervision!

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