Why Timber Deck Is A Best Option For Roofing

Would you like to give it a more rustic style to your home in Singapore? During the months of cold and heat overspending have air conditioning and heating? We recommend placing a roof or timber decking in your home. This way you not only save on energy costs, but your house will look more elegant with that light vintage touch that gives the wood.

Advantages of Having A Wooden Deck Or Timber Decking

Timber Decking

If you are thinking of building or reforming the roof of your house insurance has assaulted you the following question, you should place a roof of wood or concrete better one?

Bet on a roof or wooden roof are all advantages. And it is that wood creates temperate environments, what does this mean? The winters are warmer and cooler summers. But not only that, this material is a good insulator of noise as the wood absorbs sound waves, so you will not have to worry about disturbing the neighbours when you feel like listening to your favorite song.

Types of Timber Decks or Wood Decks:-

Regarding aesthetics is concerned, timber also wins by a landslide to concrete ceiling, why do we say this? Because the atmosphere that is created under the mansard roof, protected by wooden beams, is unmatched.

Before you head to the pool and make a decision, you have the types of timber decking you can find:

Flat roof: This model is usually the most economical. This is a horizontal platform with a slope. Its shape enables the entire space under the same take advantage.

Pitched roof: Usually of one or more aspects or “water.” The inclination of the slope depends on the climate where the house is located. More than anything because if it is a place where it rains very often, the slope should be important to prevent accumulation of water on the wooden structure.

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