Why Teak Wood Is Perfect For Outdoor Flooring & Decking

Teak Wood Flooring

The teak wood is one of the great wonders of nature. Strong, durable, unique, practical and beautiful. A good wooden floor is one of the most important parts of any project. Like a work of art, it is one of those design elements that give a distinctive character to its surroundings.

Teak Wood Flooring

We offer Burmese Teak Wood Parquet Flooring and indoor and outdoor products; either natural wood flooring large format technology platform, outdoor decking. All from the most prestigious wooden flooring installation service provider in Singapore.

Also we offer parquet flooring, cleaning and restoration of natural wood flooring and our technical advisory services.

In Professional Engineers, we have professionals with over 10 years experience in the sale and installation of solid teak wood floor (lamas, flooring, planks, deck, …)

  • The teak wood floor is native to India, Burma, Thailand, Indochina, including Indonesia. Particularly extensively cultivated in plantations within its natural range and in tropical areas of Africa and Latin latina.
  • The heartwood is yellow -gold dark, turning dark brown with exposure to light; sapwood is pale yellowish, Solid compact fiber and drying lento.
  • Teak is thin and hard, highly appreciated quality for various uses, is a timber containing silica; easy to work, drying and preserving.
  • Its natural durability is good and has good dimensional.- stability is not corrosive, has resistance to termites, fungi and weather is virtually impervious to moisture and has an antiseptic oil insectos.- which makes it very tough and protects the attack of various organismos.

By the above characteristics and for its beauty, is considered one of the most valuable species in the world.

We as manufacturers and distributors sell teak flooring top quality factory price, do not hesitate do not have competition in price and quality.

Teak Wood Parquet Flooring

Teak Wood Parquet Flooring

There are several ways to install the teak wood flooring, these are our experience we advise our clients. System is essential in the case of floor heating, which is necessary to glue and take a number of precautions heating test before closing the pores of the wood with varnish. For gluing solid wood flooring it is necessary to reduce the widths and lengths establishing a direct proportion between the thickness and width of the pallet and long.

Teak flooring Chunky Dunk: This is the ideal system for installation Solid Wood Flooring providing sufficient height to rastrelar the ground and then to nail the dais; for which it is essential to have at least 5 cm for Rastrel and Tarima. It is recommended not to use this system in case of floor heating. A great advantage of this system, as well as the elegance of sound tread, security fixing Flooring is saving a hearth levelled since the battens can match all meetings not a good hearth still needed

This timber holds great weather, therefore can also be installed in pools and terraced gardens, that if, whenever he makes recommended periodic maintenance with teak oil.

Another option is a bit more economical installation of floating platform with teak application layer, with an already varnished finish is also very beautiful and elegant.

On the other hand, as to the advantages of teak outdoor, we note the following:Teak Wood

Resistance: Teak has very good stamina so you have a durable floor. Also, do not crack or rot.

Ease of maintenance: Although there are specific for teak cleaners, simply apply some neutral soap with water on the floor. And twice a year you should apply teak oil, preferably in spring and autumn. Avoid using pressure hoses as they can erode the material and generate splinters.

The beauty of exotic wood: The color and natural glow of teak wood creates warm and elegant environments.

The comfort: The wooden floor is extremely comfortable, especially when walking barefoot in the garden.

Finally, note that, given the large increase in demand for teak wood in recent years. There have been many abuses in the exploitation of natural resources in countries of origin. So it is essential to obtain the corresponding certified environmental to ensure that the land purchased is not from illegal logging.

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