Should Know Why Engineered Wooden Flooring Is The Best Choice?

Wooden floors are highly sought after for their look and timeless look, but unfortunately, they are not recommended everywhere, especially in places with very high humidity. The engineering wooden flooring  is ideal to enhance the look of a basement or give refinement appearance in a condo. To enjoy the benefits and the sumptuousness of a hardwood floor everywhere, including humid places, the use of engineered flooring proves to be a must.

Engineered Wooden Flooring

Engineered Wooden Flooring

Engineered wooden flooring is a flooring made of genuine wood, plywood or fiber against high density and a cladding bonded to the base. Also, having a wood veneer with a thickness ranging from 0.6 mm to more than 4.5 mm on its surface, engineered wood gives the impression that a wood floors installed in the room. Its greatest advantage is that it consists of several layers (plated against) the fibers intersect. This composition results to counteract the twisting effect to the dish and leave intact, which makes it more resistant to heat and moisture.

The engineered wood flooring is, therefore, the best choice for installation near sources of heating, on the concrete or damp environment.

Also, another advantage of engineered flooring concerning laminate flooring is that if the plating layer is more than 3.5 mm thick, there will be the possibility of sanding and varnishing, which adds a few years to his life. It also offers several types of wood, both local and exotic. Meet one of our advisors to discuss the best option for you.

Advantages Of Engineering Wooden Flooring

    • Very high dimensional stability
    • Compatible with the underfloor heating installation
    • Installs on any surface: concrete or plywood
    • Easy to maintain
    • Ecological and sustainable
    • Compatible with the underfloor heating installation
    • Installs on any surface: concrete or plywood

Engineered Wooden Flooring


Made from high-density fiberboard. The top layer is a photographic image which is identical to the replicated product, or wood, vinyl, tile, etc. Mounted with a system without glue groove/tongue, which makes it possible to install and uninstall the floor several times if desired. This product is often the least expensive.

Gross Hardwood

This product is purely made of raw wood across the floor surface, generally with a system of grooves and tongues. It has a large number of possibilities as to sanding and finishing. This material is often more expensive and present constraints on the place of installation, due to the moisture problem.

The hardwood floors give style and warmth to your home. Timeless, the hardwood will enhance any decor. Strength, durability and beauty for your floors with a variety of hardwood.

The Appearance of Engineering Wooden Flooring

Comparing the look of wood raw franc flooring, engineering flooring retains its natural beauty. The top layer is made of the same hardwood that is found in the raw wood floor. This look is offered among the majority of natural wood species. The wood veneer gives the appearance of hardwood flooring in what they are both natural wood.

Engineered Wooden Flooring

The Stability of Engineering Wooden Flooring

The instability of the wood flooring is caused by heat and humidity. In adverse conditions, the wood flooring can warp, swell or crack. The engineered flooring solves these problems with multi-layer boards which counteract the twisting effect to remain flat and intact. The floor of the engineering properties makes it the best choice for installation near sources of heating, on the concrete or damp environment.

Plating, or the upper layer, is usually of a thickness of 0.6 mm to 4.5 mm or more. A quality veneer bears many years of wear. In this regard, it is important to check the warranty from your dealer. The engineered flooring offers excellent stability especially in contexts where the humidity and heat are problematic for traditional hardwood floors.

This type of coating can be installed both on a concrete slab or a plywood base. This is why it is  best choice for condos and basements. Although installation is easy, do not hesitate to call on our engineered wood installation service. See us in-store to discover our unique selection.



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