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You have a project to create patio, fencing or siding? Or maybe you want to renovate your current installation?

Given the importance of investment regarding time, cost, impact on the value and comfort of your home, you probably think about the best choice of material to choose from, natural wood or traditional wood composite.

Make yourself comfortable on your patio or balcony and enjoy the summer weather to the fullest. Shift with a terrace floor of the living room after Outside! We give you a wide selection of patio tiles and planks and wood or WPC – for timber decking installation, at attractive prices!
Is your imagination knows no bounds? Enjoy the first warm sun-rays and experience that holiday feeling at home.

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Timber decking exudes charm and invites you to linger. The woods used are very stable, also weather resistant and thereby have a life span of many years. For outdoor use primarily wood such as ash thermally treated, oak or beech are. Very attractive for the design of wooden terraces is also the native of Brazil Garapa, a very tough and weather-resistant construction wood.

There are many reasons to choose the traditional wood for the layout of your outdoor spaces, including your patio.

    • It is a highly versatile material: wood is easy to work, cutting, shaping, sanding or painting.
    • You can give your deck or fence a traditional and rustic as they are processed, dyed or painted in a certain way.
    • You can easily change the deck color by repainting if you are tired of your first choice.
    • Traditional wood is readily available, making it a relatively inexpensive option and if you are looking to save money in the short term, it may be a good choice.

Choose a timber deck is choosing an outside full of charm and authenticity. Wood is a material that brings warmth and conviviality to any room, even outdoors. But the qualities of this coating are not only aesthetic. A timber decking is easy to install and requires little maintenance. We use hardwood or exotic trees for their strength and durability. So they are ideal for a terrace house, a pool terrace or a balcony terrace.

Timber decking is recyclable 100%, also slip resistant and shatter-proof. They act as natural and aesthetically like real wood. An elaborate care of these exceptional soils is unnecessary – for cleaning simply use a high-pressure spray gun or a normal brush. Our expert team will advise you on all issues on the spot.

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