Composite & Vinyl Wood Like Flooring For Luxury Homes

For making the house more appealing and making it look expensive, the best way is to go for wooden flooring. There are many options available which give provide a luxury look, even to a straightforward and ordinary house. Many people have some misconceptions about wood like flooring that they are costly to install. But that’s not entirely accurate. In the Singapore market, you will find the broad range of wood flooring options, to begin with. When it is about adding beauty and warmth to the house, then no one can match the wood flooring appearance.

Composite Wooden Floors

In case of composite wood flooring, the unique appearance and texture grant a magnificent look and texture to the house floor. The composite wooden boards are constructed by overlapping multiple fibreboard layers, fixed inside a solid layer of wood and hardwood backing. Composite floors are built in a way that they can handle the daily wear and tear and can have more stability and resistance. As compared to solid wood floors, they are more stable. If you have some concern about the price of the wood, then you’ll be glad to hear that composite tiles are less expensive. As compared to solid wood, its installation and maintenance cost is very less. It is super resistant to moisture conditions, which makes them perfect for low or high humid level conditions.

Composite Wood Flooring

Vinyl Wood Like Flooring

Vinyl wood like flooring is very famous among people in Singapore, especially when it’s about bathroom and kitchen applications. It is versatile in nature, stain and water resistant, and grants better durability for the cost. Over the past few years, vinyl wood like flooring has become much more attractive and in-budget flooring for the homeowners. When it comes to the durability of vinyl floors, it can handle heavy foot traffic very easy. The noise produced by the wood is very less and is comfortable to the feet. It comes in wide range of patterns and colors, which can match easily with your home decor style.

Vinyl Wood Like Flooring

At Huat Professional Engineering, the quality and designs we offer in wood like flooring are very satisfying. With the professional help and better expertise, you will get the best deals on the flooring prices in Singapore market. To know more about flooring style, contact us at 9222-7834 or email us at

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