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Wooden Flooring & Decking

If you are planning to add beauty and warmth to your warm house, nothing compares to original engineered timber flooring. These floors are different from the solid plank floors. Wood floor are easier to install and are less expensive as compared to solid hardwood. Because of its installation and structural method, wooden flooring is more stable & stylish as compared to marbles and tiles. It is a myth that such type of floors does not have longer life span, which is wrong. The multi-layer plywood backing enables the timber wood floor to last for a long time. Wood floor are compatible with any building structure, whether it’s a concrete sub-floors, or any residential application and commercial settings. With the growth of engineered flooring over the past ten years, there’s now the wide variety of widths, thickness, and finishes available.


The price of engineered timber flooring in Singapore market is not too much high as you may think, although it may vary according to type and design that you choose. The hardwood used in such type of flooring is typically thinner as compared to glue-down products, which makes them less expensive. When selecting the material and design for your wooden flooring, make sure to check the layering material to be used to make each wooden strip. The vinyl wood like flooring is very easy to pair with your home décor, as it comes in multiple styles and furnishing shades. The interlocking design enhances its waterproof feature, and it looks like hardwood flooring.

wooden decking

The composite decking price in Singapore depends upon several factors, such as:-
1. Time and Labor
2. Caring Factor
3. Cost of Popular accessories
4. Installation Considerations

Wood Floor

360-degree Camera

Having a wooden flooring is fair enough to grant the luxurious looks of the house. And you can even change the design whenever you feel like it. It is important to give a good looking house, but don’t neglect the security of the home. Nowadays, many people install surveillance cameras in their premises to protect themselves from thievery attempts. You can find the best 360 cameras providers in your nearby area too. Or you can also check the online stores to book your surveillance camera. It is advisable to use the water resistant, good video quality and infrared technology embedded cameras, which can move at the 360-degree angle. The cost of buying and installation may vary according to the quality and company, but nothing is greater than own security.

360 degree camera

The smartness with the beauty is the deadly combination that one can possess. Give your home a luxury look that it deserves and also enhance their safety by going for the installation of surveillance cameras at entry and exit doors. By this, you can also ensure the security of the little ones left alone in the house. You can find the best deals over the wooden flooring and decking in the Singapore market.

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