Benefits For Installing Wooden Flooring At Your Residential Place

wooden flooring

Wood is a noble material, which can serve for sophisticated or national rustic settings, but in both cases one thing is sure, wood is synonymous with warmth. It is soilless residential floors is as versatile as flooring wood flooring. They are ideal for various environments such as SALS, bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. This type of soil promotes a sense of sophistication, warmth, and heat for homes.

Also, Hardwood floors are one of the best forms of a coating. Not only it reflects the aesthetic taste of the owner, but also brings grace and class to any home. And it is one of the most popular flooring options. There are a variety of different types and perfect to suit every style of decoration colors.

Those who like the look of wood contributes to the environment are full of questions when choosing the floor of the house. Currently on the market, several floors of wood choices, and many imitations, so it is difficult to choose the apartment that best suits your decor. So, first, you should know some information about the types of wood:

Know the types of wood:-

Parquet: The parquet is made of wood. Small pieces of wood are grouped to form geometric designs and can mix different species of trees.

Laminate: The laminate wood flooring usually functions as a kind of background, as it is attached to support such as a sheet of plywood or the own previous plant. This wallpaper decorates the floor, contains a real wood frame so that the laminate is often confused with wooden planks.

Plank: Also known as bat floorboards are having a male side and the other female, which does not fit a board on the other giving more strength, quality, and durability in work.

Solid Wood: It’s probably one of the most favorite plants because coatings made of solid wood care for their excellent quality at first sight.

wooden flooring


To succeed in choosing the wood floor for your environment, you must first prepare the environment. Remember that each timber has its maintenance specifications. The most basic is to promote the visual balance in space covering the wooden floor, a good way to decorate is to invest in the use of light colors in the rest of the decor. The wooden floors give the charm, beauty and highlight the space.


Opt for the wooden flooring. Also, it has its drawbacks. The fact is that over time; it is common for wooden floors suffer for use, and begin to have problems such as scratches, tarnishing, and striped appearance. So it is important to keep the attention and care in maintaining the floor, to avoid ruin. Follow this example of the beautiful living room, designed by Huat Professional Engineering Eco Technologies Pte Ltd Company.

Wooden Flooring & Decking

Types of treatment:

The Composite wooden flooring has an advantage over almost all options: it can be treated and rejuvenated many times. Natural, rolling, roofs and floors may be renewed upon receiving various techniques such as bleaching, dyeing, and waterproofing or restoration. Processes require professional work.


After prolonged use, to keep the real beauty of wood floors, and always have the appearance of new, must follow a few steps: Do not drag furniture not scratch the floor. Do not use abrasive materials as they can damage the finish and gloss of wooden floor. Soil protection to be installed in humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. Should avoid contact with liquids, however small, so that the soil remains clean. It is important also to carry out regular maintenance with a brush and a soft damp cloth.

The solution is to restore the soil. Wood floors have an average of 2 cm thick and can be revitalized three times. Depending on the type of soil the best solution to renew sanding wood, you can also apply varnish in some cases. It is a hard and meticulous work, and need professional help. But the result is a new floor again!
Keep your beautiful and striking floor, as this light wood floors, developed by Huat Professional Engineering Eco Technologies Pte Ltd in the Singapore.


The cost of materials and one of the main factors influencing the choice of applying the wooden floor at home. However, the cost of material depends on the type and variety of wood used. Also, installing wooden floor is very delicate and must be performed by a professional, which further increases the cost. All these factors should be taken into account when estimating when deciding to apply the wooden floor. Ideally, do at least three budgets, preferably with the same brand and similar quality and compare the advantages of each store.

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